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Sheep Shearling Hats

Our line of Shearling Hats is from our great neighbors to the North- Canada. NO. 1 Suede. Thick, high quality Shearline and legendary Canadian craftsmanship, make our Shearling Hats simply the best!

Mouton/Shearling Envoy: This handsome mans Mouton Sheep Shearling Hat says "I'm here and I'm successful." A deep rich brown color with black quilted lining and fold down inner ear flaps! Sizes: S, M, L, XLG, 2XL.
$ 69.00 Rabbit Fur Trooper Hats

Sheep Shearling/Suede Roll Hat: Very versatile hat, can be worn with jeans or a long coat. Very chic, a show stopper! Camel color Suede with thick natural Shearling. Sizes: S, M, LG, XLG, 2XL. $ 64.00 Rabbit Fur Trooper Hats

Leather/Shearling Aviator Hat: A true classic, this Leather Shearling Bomber hat is hard to beat. Chocolate Brown soft leather outer shell with warm and comfortable natural Shearling inside. Sizes: M, LG, XLG, 2XL. $69.00 Rabbit Fur Trooper Hats

Sheep Shearling Roll Hat: Great Hat for dress up or casual wear. A rich Brown color with frosted Shearling, turns many heads. Sizes: S, M, LG, XLG, 2XL. $64.00 Rabbit Fur Trooper Hats

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