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Prime Furs & Leather Co. is located in Northern Michigan U.S.A. We patiently and meticulously build each Fur Coat, Fur Vest, and Fur Blanket one order at a time. All the Fur Hats on our website are in stock items, although we make many Custom Fur Hats as well. We take extreme pride in the old saying “Made in the U.S.A.” and is on every label we sew in. We specialize in Custom Fur Coats, Fur Vests, and Custom Fur Blankets. We carry a few lines of in stock Fur hats, shearling hats, wool hats, and ear muffs. You will also find many other Leathers, and unique products in stock.

custom fur blankets
Buffalo Tundra Coat
sprimgbok hide
High Quality Garments
All Craftsmanship Guaranteed

US Flag  Better Business Bureau member in good standing
Made in The USA

P.O. Box 728
Houghton Lake, MI 48629
Call Us @ (989) 422-2543

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Get The HAT!!!" If you ain't Got The Hat, You ain't Where it's At!!

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